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Gangaaram Technologies Training Program

Training Program :

➱ Communication Skills (English Verbal/Written)
➱ Computer Skills (Linux, C/C++, Python)
➱ Understanding Technical Articles/Specitications
➱ Build practical solutions of Engineering Theory
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Curriculum :
➦ Linux, C or C++ or Python, File Editor, Writing/Typing
➦ ASIC Functional Verification
➦ FPGA Design
➦ Embedded Software

January 10-11, 2020 by VLSI Career Fest

Gangaaram Function Hall, Mangalam Road, Tirupati – 517 501
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★ VLSI Market Landscape; VLSI Career Prospects;
★ Career Opportunities w/ Atria Logic, Inc.,
★ Tech Talk and Presentations by Engineers at Atria Logic.
★ Written Test and Personal Interview

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  • Premier Engineering Career Development Center for VLSI and Embedded Systems.


  • Develop Skillset for Students to win Top Engineering Careers right out of College.


  • Targeting Bachelors/Masters in Electronics and Computers.


  • Founded in 2020. Training Center in Tirupati.


  • Curriculum derived from decades of Multi-National Industry Experience.

Why Us ?

  • New College Graduates have overwhelmingly inadequate practical know-how of the subject. Professional training offered after college is not enough for these Graduates to secure a job. They end up in the wrong job for 3-5 years in the initial career. Why isn’t there a solution for this problem?
  • Gangaaram Tech was instituted prirmarily to enable new college recruits with basic skillsets and all rounded professionalism sought after by the VLSI and Embedded Systems industry.
  • Gangaaram Tech professional development is started by VLSI industry veterans with decades of entrepreneurial background, who feel the pain of slow engineering hire process. The growth prospects are far outpacing the talent pool supply.
  • Gangaaram Tech is established to bridge this gap for the industry and help students to secure dream job right out of college.

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